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SRV Service data April 2022

SRV's Data whiz, Euphemia Gannon has reviewed data about the types of enquiries SRV receives and how these translate into services. This is the data for April 2022.

You can download a PDF of this data here.

April Services Data: Highlights 

  • 284 contacts made to the helpline 
  • 58% of contacts were related to elder abuse 
  • 6% of Helpline contacts became advice clients 
  • 7 cases were opened 
  • 9 cases were closed 

Helpline Data  

The following provides an overview of the total Helpline contacts for the period 1 April -30 April 2022 

April 2022 April 2021 April 2020 2022 Av. Monthly contacts (to date) 2021 Av. Monthly contacts 2020 Av. Monthly contacts 
284 314 225 317 280 285 

Total number of contacts related to elder abuse – ALL contact types  

April 2022 2021 Yearly av. 
58% 59% 

Total number of contacts related to elder abuse – Older person contacts only  

April 2022 2021 Yearly av. 
38% 40% 

More than half the contacts in April were related to an elder abuse concern. There was a slight decrease in contacts in comparison with the previous month and April 2021, however the number of contacts is slightly higher than the 2021 monthly average.  

Advice Data 

The following provides an overview of the advice services provided for the period 1 April -30 April 2022 

Total number of advice clients in April   

April 2022 April 2021 April 2020 
22 27 22 

% Of Helpline contacts that became advice clients 

2022 (to date) 2021 2020 
7% 9% 11% 

There were 22 advice clients for the month of April, this is similar to the number of advice clients in April 2020. The average monthly advice clients for the year to date are 22, this is 4 less than the total monthly average for 2021 (26) and 9 less than the monthly average for all of 2020 (31). 

Case Data 

Total number of cases opened in April   

April 2022  April 2021  April 2020 
7 9 10 

Total number of cases opened (monthly average)  

2022 (to date)  2021  2020 
9 10 13 

Total number of cases closed (monthly average)  

2022 (to date)  2021  2020 
9 9 10 

The monthly average for case closures for 2022 is 9 this is the same for cases opened. There were 7 cases opened in April and 4 cases closed in the month of April. All four clients are living on the pension, two clients are living with a disability and one client was homeless at the time of assistance. 

If you, or someone you know is experiencing elder abuse, help is available through our confidential helpline on 1300 368 821.

If it is an emergency, call 000.
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