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Planning Ahead project

Seniors Rights Victoria (SRV) has been working on the Planning Ahead project as part of the Victorian Government's Integrated Services Fund (ISF), since 2018. Administered by the Federation of Community Legal Centres (FCLC), the ISF is special funding for projects that have an early intervention focus, as well as involving integrated services.

SRV's Planning Ahead Project helps people understand the need to plan ahead, in order to protect their rights and wishes as they get older, to reduce the risk of elder abuse. The project also supports carers and loved ones of people as they age, to ensure they understand how best to support them.

A change of focus

From 2018-2021 the project worked in partnership with Dementia Australia, to support people who had been recently diagnosed with dementia.

Since 2021 the project has changed focus to connect with harder to reach communities, who may experience barriers to accessing information and/or legal advice. This includes culturally and linguistically diverse communities, LGBTIQ + communities and First Nations peoples as well as the services that support and work with these communities.

In late 2021 we selected Ballarat as our pilot regional area. We wanted to identify the priority goals for those working and connecting with older people, so that we could ensure the project supported existing work. We held a forum with 19 attendees from community groups and service providers. We also collected online responses to a survey. This work identified that the priority goals in Ballarat were:

  1. Increase community knowledge 76.92%
  2. Strengthen links with other organisations in Ballarat 69.23%
  3. Reach more people 53.85%

As a result of identifying these goals, the project has provided:

If you would like to discuss creating geographically specific versions for your regional Victorian area or to request copies of the flyers please contact Seniors Rights Victoria.

Next Steps

SRV has begun engagement in Shepparton whilst continuing to work with service providers and community organisations in Ballarat and other regional areas.

The Planning Ahead project offers:

  • Free education sessions for community groups
  • Free education sessions for professionals, service providers and community leaders
  • Guest speaking and attendance at relevant networks

Topics include Enduring Powers of Attorney, Medical treatment decision making, advance care planning and Understanding Guardianship and Administration.

Request a session by contacting the Project Coordinator at info@seniorsrights.org.au.

If you, or someone you know is experiencing elder abuse, help is available through our confidential helpline on 1300 368 821.

If it is an emergency, call 000.
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