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Households Tip Sheet

Many situations can lead to the formation of intergenerational households, where several members of different ages from the same family live together. These households can bring joy and opportunities for different family members to bond and support each other. However, sometimes these households can lead to abuse and mistreatment of vulnerable family members, including older family members. The Principal Lawyer and Manager of Seniors Rights Victoria, Rebecca Edwards said, “Having conversations about expectations of different members of the family before moving in together can really help in establishing a shared vision about how the arrangement will work. This can help limit disputes later down the track”.

This new tip sheet was developed by Seniors Rights Victoria in collaboration with the Domestic Violence Resource Centre and Domestic Violence Victoria. Released in June 2021, the tip sheet explains how to respond to instances of abuse and mistreatment in intergenerational households. The resource is for those professionals and staff working with families and older people, where an older family member is being subjected to or at risk of elder abuse. SRV encourages professionals working with older people to be attuned to what the living, care and financial arrangements are within the household.

Tip Sheet: Identifying and responding to elder abuse in intergenerational households

If you, or someone you know is experiencing elder abuse, help is available through our confidential helpline on 1300 368 821.

If it is an emergency, call 000.
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