Case study: Financial and emotional abuse

seniors rights 4Bob


Bob, an 85 year old man with cognitive decline, was persuaded to relocate to live with a distant relative, Sue, following the death of his wife.  Sue took Bob to her solicitor and had Bob appoint her as his financial and medical power of attorney and enduring guardian.  Sue then placed Bob in a makeshift granny flat at the back of her property and took all his bankcards and other identification from him.  She gave him limited meals and prevented him from having much to do with the outside world.  Sue one day decided to withdraw $60,000 from Bob’s account without his knowledge and used that money to buy a gift for her child. Sue would not allow Bob to return to his home despite his requests to do so.


Bob, through friends, found Seniors Rights Victoria who assisted him to revoke the power of attorney, relocate to his home with extra care supports and recover the money from Sue after threatening legal action.


Bob is now happy at home.