Video series with
Bendigo and District Aboriginal
Co-operative (BDAC)

Aboriginal communities are best placed to raise awareness and respond to elder abuse within their respective communities. The strength of communities means that they often have the capacity to deal with this issue.

The Bendigo and District Aboriginal Cooperative (BDAC) have produced 4 videos to raise awareness of elder abuse within their community. The videos may have relevance for other Aboriginal communities.

About these videos

Produced for the BDAC Aged and Disability Program as part of a series of videos aimed at increasing awareness of Elder abuse in the community. Funded through the Community Initiative Fund, Southern Loddon Mallee Region, Victorian Indigenous Family Violence Strategy. Produced by Cornerstore Media Productions, Bendigo.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that the videos may contain images, voices or names of people, who have passed, since the videos were produced.

What is an elder

Think about who you consider to be an elder. What does "elder" mean?

Elder Abuse - Medication

Elder abuse can take many forms. This video looks at how elder abuse can be happen in relation to medication.

Elder Abuse - Physical

Pushing, shoving and hitting are just some of the ways that elder abuse happens physically.

Elder Abuse - Financial

If someone is taking or spending someone else's money or not allowing them access to their money.
If you, or someone you know is experiencing elder abuse, help is available through our confidential helpline on 1300 368 821.

If it is an emergency, call 000.
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