Case study: Physical and psychological abuse

Seniors Rights 5Shauna


Shauna is 75 years old. Recently her only son moved back home with her after her husband died. Her son has substance abuse issues and is physically and psychologically abusive towards her. She is terrified of him but also protective of her only son.


Seniors Rights Victoria gave Shauna advice about intervention orders and a referral was made to her local family violence outreach service for counselling. Even though Shauna was fearful for her safety she did not want to involve the police or bring an intervention order against her son. However, she was interested in accessing aged care accommodation as a means of removing herself from the situation without directly confronting her son. Seniors Rights Victoria organized an Aged Care Assessment Service to visit Shauna and discuss her accommodation and care options.


Shauna was put at the top of the waiting list for a bed and was able to move away from the perpetrator. She now resides in an Italian specific aged care facility where her care needs are being more adequately met.