Federal launch of Elder Abuse Action Australia

The Federal Government celebrated International Day of Older Persons in October by announcing funding for a national elder abuse prevalence study, increased training for professionals and the public and a new elder abuse peak body.

The initiatives are part of the Government’s $15 million election commitment to leading a national agenda to address elder abuse in Australia.

Attorney-General George Brandis is establishing a national peak body, Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA), to support the national coordination and advocacy of issues related to prevention of elder abuse with $250,000 funding per annum for two years.

Senior Rights Victoria participated in the development of the proposed national framework as part of the working group and continues to contribute leadership towards EAAA’s establishment.

Senator Brandis said the new peak body will support the development of the Knowledge Hub, foster collaboration and the sharing of information to facilitate learning and innovation, and provide policy expertise to governments to collaborate and develop programs to better support older Australians.

In order to better understand the nature, scale and scope of the abuse, the Government is providing $590,000 to the Australian Institute of Family Studies to research the prevalence and nature of elder abuse in Australia.

“Elder abuse is a complex and often hidden problem in Australia. For far too long, older Australians have had these actions diminish their ability to enjoy their lives with dignity and this has too often occurred in silence,” Senator Brandis said.

“Together we will build a national understanding of elder abuse, establish better ways to share information, and work in partnership to protect the rights of all older Australians.”