Neglect occurs when an older person is deprived of the basic necessities of life.  There are two types of neglect.

1. Active neglect

Active neglect is the deliberate withholding of basic care or necessities, it can include:

  • Leaving an older person in an unsafe place or state
  • Stopping access to medical treatment
  • Abandonment
  • Not providing adequate clothing or sufficient food and liquids\
  • Untreated illnesses
  • Over or under medicating

2. Passive Neglect

Passive neglect is the failure to provide proper care, due to carer stress, lack of knowledge or ability. It may occur unintentionally and may simply require getting additional support to assist the carer and older person.

For free, confidential information on a situation you believe may involve neglect of an older person please contact Seniors Rights Victoria on 1300 368 821.

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