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Challenging Ageism This paper, produced jointly by COTA Vic and Seniors Rights Victoria, was launched on October 1 2016: the International Day of Older People. It provides an overview of ageism in Australia, examples (language, the media, elder abuse, and workplace discrimination), advice on how to stop it, and further resources.

Decision Making and your Rights Help Sheet As the law says, we must presume that adults have ‘capacity’ to make decisions for themselves unless it is proven otherwise.  People with loss of capacity are more vulnerable and can be susceptible to abuse by others, including their own family members. This Helpsheet gives tips on what to do if you lose capacity to make your own decisions.

Plan for Your Safety Help Sheet Like everyone else, you have the right live in safety and security, to be protected from harm, to be treated with dignity and respect, and to make your own decisions. There are certain things you can do that can help you to feel safer. The first step is to find the courage to confide in someone such as a member of your family, your GP, a care provider or the expert legal and advocacy staff at Seniors Rights Victoria. The second step is to develop a personal safety plan. Download our Help Sheet, and feel free to seek assistance from Seniors Rights Victoria.

Adult Children At Home Help Sheet When adult children seek to return to their parents’ home, the request may be sudden and unexpected. You may have little time to consider whether you really like the idea, or to discuss how living arrangements might work. Having an adult child (and possibly their children too) suddenly sharing your house is not always easy and their behaviour may make things worse. Moving in with Family – this brochure from the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria  offers free family meetings for older people and their families.

Gifts Loans & Debts Help Sheet Older people often get asked to help when family members are in difficulty and it’s sometimes hard to say no. Its important to know your rights and responsibilities and what can go wrong when you help someone financially. This Help Sheet covers what you should think about when considering a loan or gift of money or other assets. It also covers going into debt for someone, going guarantor and providing security for a loan.

Care for your assets (Revised edn 2017) is a guide for people considering moving in with family as they get older. Care for Your Assets: Money, Ageing & Family will help older people plan and secure their future interests. It covers topics such as making a family agreement, Centrelink and taxation implications and where to go for more information and advice.

Financial abuse of older people by family members analyses the views and experiences of older people and their families, and shows older people need to be mindful of financial abuse. See also Seniors Rights Victoria and CPA Australia’s new Elder Financial Abuse Tools.

Power of Attorney Fact Sheet 1 and Fact Sheet 2 – as of 1st September 2015, changes came into effect for Enduring Powers of Attorney in Victoria. The Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical) remains unchanged however there have been changes to the Enduring Power of Attorney Financial and Guardianship. In addition a new Substitute Attorney arrangement has been introduced.