Seniors Rights Seniors Rights Victoria educates older Victorians on issues relating to elder abuse, including prevention, in order to give them more confidence and control over their own lives.

Our experienced trainers also work with community groups and service providers to raise awareness of elder abuse.

Community education

Through our community education program Seniors Rights Victoria provides informative, accessible workshops and presentations for older people, family members and carers.

Seniors Rights Victoria community education is underpinned by empowerment and prevention frameworks. It raises awareness of abuse, builds the capacity of the community to respond to abuse and enables older people to take action.

While our community education programs are available to all Victorians, we focus on delivering sessions to:

  • Older people and their families
  • Older women
  • Older people with physical or cognitive impairments and their carers
  • People who are socially isolated
  • Older people from CALD and indigenous backgrounds

Community education sessions include information about:

  • Abuse in its various forms
  • Rights of older people
  • Prevention
  • Options for action
  • Legal issues

Our community education adopts a peer education model. This is one of the most effective and powerful methods for raising awareness and providing information. Community education also includes the development and distribution of printed resources.

Professional education

Seniors Rights Victoria also provides professional education sessions for management, staff and workers in areas such as aged and community care, health services, local government and legal services. These sessions are designed  to improve workers’ understanding and awareness of elder abuse and how it can be addressed, to provide an overview of our services and resources,  and to improve referral pathways.

To enquire about our education services, please telephone Gary Ferguson on 03 9655 2112.