Speeches – 4th National Elder Abuse Conference

The 4th National Elder Abuse Conference, hosted by Seniors Rights Victoria, was held in Melbourne on 24-25 February 2016. Please view the conference program. Note: not all speeches have been made available.

DAY 1 – 24 February 2016

Plenary Session 1

Countering Elder Abuse in Quebec – Prof Marie BEAULIEU, Research Chair of Elder Abuse, University of Sherbrooke, Canada

1A Prevention Programs

Elder Abuse Preventative Programs in Quebec, Canada – Prof Marie BEAULIEU, Research Chair of Elder Abuse, University of Sherbrooke, Canada

Seniors Creating Change: From Idea to Intervention – Mr Bill MITCHELL (Townsville Community Legal Service Inc.), Ms Anne LEWIS (Seniors Creating Change)

Elder Abuse Awareness: Connecting To the Community Through Curriculum – Mrs Natasha LOVE (UnitingCare Community: Elder Abuse Prevention) 

Fun and Games in Preventing Elder Abuse: The Power of Creative Collaboration – Ms Saskia RIJFKOGEL (Peninsula Community Legal Centre Inc)

1B CALD Populations

Raising Awareness in Victoria’s Culturally Diverse Communities: Collaborative Approach to Education – Ms Tina DOUVOS-STATHOPOULOS (Australian Greek Welfare Society (AGWS)

Raising Awareness of Elder Abuse in Victoria’s Culturally Diverse Communities – Ms Fiona YORK (Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria)

Say “No” to Elder Abuse – Ms Vesna HARACIC (City of Salisbury) and Ms Mary CERAVOLO (City of Salisbury)

Elder Abuse Peer Support Groups in The Chinese Community – Ms Margaret YUNG (cohealth)

1C Prevalence and the Future

From Recognition to Reform: Planning The Next Generation of Elder Abuse Response Strategies – Dr John CHESTERMAN (Office of the Public Advocate)

Good Practice in the Sticky Areas – 500 Cases Reviewed – Ms Helen WALLACE (Caxton Legal Center Inc), Ms Cybele KONING (Caxton Legal Center Inc)

The Incidence of Elder Abuse Among Guardianship Clients: A Preliminary Analysis – Ms Lois BEDSON (Office of the Public Advocate)

2A Legal and Health

Health Justice Partnerships: Working Together to Address Elder Abuse – Ms Faith HAWTHORNE (Justice Connect Seniors Law), Ms Jess EASTWOOD (cohealth)

So – You Want to Do Better In Responding To Elder Abuse – Then Review Your Data! – Ms Meghan O’BRIEN (St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne)

Behind the Curtain – GP’s Responding to Elder Abuse – Ms Kaz MACKAY (Eastern Community Legal Centre)

2B Family Violence

The Invisibility of Sexual Assault of Older Women (And Men) In ‘Elder Abuse’ – Ms Charmaine FARRELL (CASA Forum, Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault)

Safe Futures Foundation Responses to Older Women Experiencing Family Violence – Ms Jeanine JONES (Safe Futures Foundation)

Positioning Elder Abuse Within The Royal Commission into Family Violence’s Framework – Ms Cybele STOCKLEY (Seniors Rights Victoria), Ms Lauren ADAMSON (Justice Connect)

2C Engaging Responses

“Help!” The Beginning of A Journey – Ms Stacey VAN DUEREN (Seniors Rights Victoria), Ms Deirdre PENHALE (Seniors Rights Victoria)

Elder Abuse Intervention: The Reality and the Obstacles – Ms Kerry MARSHALL (The NSW Elder Abuse Helpline & Resource Unit)

Community Conversations to Prevent Elder Abuse – Mrs Sue LEITCH (COTA Tasmania), Mrs Nerilie GILSON (Department of Health & Human Services)

Session 2CPenhale & Evans

Plenary Session 2

Elder Abuse Is Everyone’s Business – Mr Gerard MANSOUR, Commissioner for Senior Victorians

Dignity in Care – Dr Faizal IBRAHIM Consultant Geriatrician, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, South Australia


Day 2- 25 February 2016

Plenary Session 3

An interactive panel of government and police representatives outlining each of their respective state’s achievements in addressing elder abuse and what is planned for the next 2 years.
Ms Jeanette WALTERS (SA)
Ms Nerilie GILSON (TAS)
Mr Jason KARA (NSW)
Superintendent Charles Allen (Vic Police)

Integrating Mental Health Screening and Services into Routine Elder Abuse Practice to Improve Client Outcomes – Dr Jacquelin BERMAN PhD, Director Research, Department for the Ageing, New York City

3A Financial Matters

Policies and Practices of Financial Institutions Relating to Substitute Decision Making Instruments – Ms Sue FIELD (University of Western Sydney)

Creating Awareness and Guiding Response in the Accounting Profession – Mr Richard BLAKEMAN (CPA Australia)

What Role for Real Property Law in Combatting Financial Elder Abuse – Dr Eileen WEBB (Curtin Law School)

Preventing Financial Abuse – An Interagency Response – Mr Brendan MOORE (Alzheimer’s Australia NSW)

3B Response Models

Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Service model of delivery in New Zealand – Ms Robyn SCOTT (CEO, Age Concern New Zealand)

An Innovative Strategy For The Primary Prevention of Elder Abuse – Ms Catherine BARRETT (Celebrate Ageing)

Learnings From Other Perspectives And Responses to Abuse and Mistreatment of Vulnerable Populations – Dr Barbara BLUNDELL (Curtin University)

Responding to the Needs of a Diverse Older Population – Ms Rosemarie DRAPER (RDNS), Ms Dian BARNS-JENKINS (RDNS)

3C Interventions

Elder Abuse Mental Health Interventions in New York City – Dr Jacquelin BERMAN PhD Director Research, Department for the Ageing, New York City

Elder Abuse Interventions – Client Experiences And Perceptions of What Is a Successful Outcome – Ms Freda VRANTSIDIS (National Ageing Research Institute)

Management of Conflict Resolution For Older Australians & Their Families – Seniors Mediation – Mrs Jennifer DICKSON (FMC Victoria)

4A Diversity

Transgender People’s Experiences of Elder Abuse In Australia – J.R. LATHAM (Val’s Cafe La Trobe University)

Practicing What We Preach: Addressing The Impact of Ageism on Elder Abuse in Residential Aged Care – Mr Brenton POPE (Aged Rights Advocacy Service)

Do Community-Development Projects Contribute to Safeguarding Aboriginal Elders? – Ms Louise Transgender People’s Experiences of Elder Abuse In Australia – J.R. LATHAM (Val’s Cafe La Trobe University)HERFT (Aged Rights Advocacy Service)

4B Working Across Sectors

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – Whose Running The Show? – Miss Jenna AZIZ (Advocare)

Positive Representations of Ageing in The Media – Ms Christine MATTEY (The NSW Elder Abuse Helpline & Resource Unit), Ms Shelly HARPUR (The NSW Elder Abuse Helpline)

Regional Elder Abuse Networks – The Way Forward – Ms Kaz MACKAY (Eastern Community Legal Centre) and Eastern Elder Abuse Network Members

4C Research and Financial Abuse

Measuring Elder Abuse in New Zealand – Mr Charles WALDEGRAVE (Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit)

State Trustees – Ms Melanie LEWIS (State Trustees Limited)

Elder Financial Abuse: The Law in Practice – Ms Jessica LATIMER (Slater and Gordon Lawyers)

Plenary Session 4

Prof Mick DODSON AM Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Studies at The Australian National University Professor of Law at the ANU College of Law