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The Bouverie Centre is offering free Elder Abuse training for hospital and community services staff in direct contact with older people e.g., allied health and medical staff, nurses, workers supporting carers/families, in-home care workers, housing workers, mental health & AOD staff as well as staff working in family violence services. Please note a manager’s approval is required and will be advised of your attendance. (Open to Victorian Residents Only)

Level 1 Training: Recognising and Responding to Suspected Elder Abuse
Pre-requisite: Elder Abuse Toolkit - Seniors Rights Victoria

This interactive workshop steps frontline staff through the process of identifying potential instances of elder abuse, connecting with older people, respectfully enquiring about suspected abuse (as appropriate), and beginning to formulate an appropriate plan of action.

Limited dates in Nov, Dec 2021 & Feb 2022
Live Stream via zoom – theory and practical components. Mic and Web cam essential. 3hr Training Session (3hr CPD)

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Advanced Practice Modules 1-4
Pre-requisite: Level 1 Training: Recognising and Responding to Suspected Elder Abuse

Inclusivity and trauma-informed practice in elder abuse
This module explores how to respond to suspected elder abuse using an intersectional and trauma informed approach that reflects the uniqueness and complexity of an older person's identity and experiences.

Involving supportive family in a person-centred response to elder abuse
This module teaches skills for safely involving supportive others in the response to elder abuse, guided by the older person's wishes and preferences.

Engaging effectively and safely with people who use violence towards older people
The focus of this training is on engagement and identification of people using violence towards older people.

Responding to elder abuse where decision-making capacity is an issue
This module explores the practice implications for working with older people and their families when decision-making capacity is an issue and elder abuse is suspected or disclosed.

For further information visit The Bouverie Centre website

Or call Kristie Bishop: (03) 8481 4800

If you, or someone you know is experiencing elder abuse, help is available through our confidential helpline on 1300 368 821. If it is an emergency, call 000.
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