2013 Legal Topics Diary

Seniors Rights gary and noeline“Going like hotcakes” is the best way to describe the enthusiastic reception given to the 2013 Legal Topics for Older People Diary. Launched by Noeline Brown, Australia’s Ambassador for Ageing (pictured with Senors Rights Victoria’s Gary Ferguson), at the COTA Victoria Volunteer Luncheon in November, it took just ten days to distribute all 8, 500 copies from the first batch printed. A second batch was delivered almost hot off the presses.

Produced by Seniors Rights Victoria and Seniors Information Victoria with funding from the Victoria Law Foundation and the Department of Health, the diary was distributed free to older Victorians. As well as being attractive and useful for recording appointments and special events, the diary contains information on an array of legal topics including wills, elder abuse, pensions and consumer issues.

While we have run out of supplies of this year’s diary, we hope to secure funding for a 2014 version, so stay tuned.